The goal of this study is to understand how sleep, emotions, and attention may impact risk for suicide attempts.

What will we be doing?

The study involves coming to the Binghamton University campus to complete some questionnaires and interviews. You will complete computer tasks during which we will look at your brain activity (measured with a special cap you will wear on your head). After your laboratory visit is complete, you will be asked to fill out brief nightly online questionnaires and to wear a watch-like device that monitors movement and sleep on your nondominant wrist for 7 days.


You will be paid a total of $50 for completing the study and will also have the opportunity to win up to $5 in one of the laboratory computer tasks. 


If you are 18 or older and attempted suicide in the past, you may be eligible to participate. Please call 607-777-3304 and ask for the "CARE Study" to answer some brief questions to determine if you are eligible for the study.


Participation in this study is confidential and we will not share your answers with anyone else.